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8 Most Entertaining Documentaries to Watch When You’ve Exhausted Netflix

One of the top leisure activities for most of us is watching a movie. In my case, Netflix is where I go to look for some good movies to watch, but there are times that I feel to add a bit of excitement and a real thrill to so I look for documentaries to watch for. There are lots of good documentaries available out there especially on Netflix that are entertaining and overloads of information overwhelming for us because there are tons of choices and choosing the best to watch first is a struggle.   Here is the list of my 8 most entertaining documentaries to watch on Netflix that will surely give you the fun and thrill you’re looking...

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The Big Deal Behind Manifesting Success And Happiness In Your Life

Happiness and success go hand in hand. You may think that success in your career, family life, or interests breeds happiness, but I think it is the other way around. To be successful in every aspect of life is to first be happy. Happy with who you are. Happy in yourself. This is the most important thing to manifest. Since the industrial revolution, mankind has strived to be successful. This has been put first in our minds above being truly happy. I have noticed that people generally think that getting that promotion, the car, the house of their dreams is thought to bring happiness later on. But this is not the case. Research in neuroscience and psychology throughout the past...

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