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Night Affirmations for Restful, Self-Improving Sleep

Mindfulness is an important although underappreciated part of our mental health and self-care. As an adult with responsibilities and a hectic life, I know I tend to shove something as simple as mindfulness aside. Imagine closing your eyes at the end of a long day and not taking the stress to bed with you. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up feeling refreshed? A repercussion of the added stress in our adult lives is that it can manifest into insomnia or difficulty sleeping.  As someone who has experienced their fair share of anxiety and difficulty sleeping, I have searched for natural remedies that can help me live in a better state of mindfulness. One strategy to improving your mindfulness and...

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3 Steps to Creating Your Own At-Home Spa Day

Times are unpredictable and stressful – so this once luxury is now a huge part of my wellness routine. I’ve had to prioritise my health both physical and mental, and a little self-care goes a long way even at the best of times.  I have always loved the unplugged blissfulness of a good spa day with full-body massages and facials. Those hours of pure pampering are the ultimate indulgence; yet a spa trip doesn’t always fit into my schedule or my budget!  You can easily recreate a relaxing spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home so there’s no excuse for not taking a moment to yourself! Here are some of my handy home spa tips!   Alluring Atmosphere...

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Makeup Routine

Till last year I had never thought about it, like so many others. But then, it took over the entire planet, those people, and along with them, me. I took a deep breath and hitched the makeup bandwagon just because of a simple realisation...

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