Exfoliating Glove

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Whether you are prepping your perfect base before your tan, removing your existing one or just need a good scrub this is your shower essential for your smoothest skin yet.

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Key benefits :

  • Exfoliates skin to remove dryness, dead skin cells, and unwanted tanning product
  • Increases natural skin luminosity
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and supple
  • Prepares skin for your next application of self-tan

How to use : 

  • Rinse your skin under warm water for a few minutes
  • Allow your skin to absorb the hydration
  • Insert your hand into the glove and wet the glove
  • Massage the damp glove over your skin in circular motions
  • Apply pressure when needed
  • Best to use without any soaps or lotions

Colour : Pink

Material : 100% Biodegradable Viscose

Size : One size fits all 14 * 22 cm


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