Pure Copper Tongue Scraper

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Wake up to fresher breath, with our pure Copper Tongue Scraper. A gentle tool to help improve oral health and remove harmful bacteria.

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Tongue cleaning is a traditional ancient Ayurvedic practice that helps remove bacteria, debris, and dead cells from your tongue. Frequent use will help to detoxify the body, slow the growth of plaque and achieve a fresher breath.

Unlike stainless steel and plastic alternatives, our pure copper tongue cleaner is antimicrobial, bacteria-resistant, and a stylish choice for your bathroom shelf.

Key Features of our pure Copper Tongue Scraper:

  • Freshens breath
  • Made of pure 100% copper
  • Sleek and simple to use
  • Helps remove oral bacteria from your tongue, gums, and teeth to maintain overall oral health

How to use:

  • After brushing your teeth and flossing, relax your tongue and gently scrape, from back to front on the tongue. The U end should be positioned at the back of your tongue and gently pulled forward.
  • Reach as far back as you feel comfortable and repeat 2-3 times or as needed.
  • Rinse and store in a dry place. Use daily, morning and night.

Our product guarantee:

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